Ciaran Bennett, 2008
The Abstract Expressionists in late thirties and early forties, argued over the exact nature of their work in the Eight Street Club and the Wardour Diner; was there a sympathy between abstraction and expression?. Did the Blavatsky inspired non- objective art of Kandinsky, Mondrian and others, with its theoretical nuances to poetic and arcane metaphors from Theosophy have a distinct correlation to expressionism as internal dialogues from Surrealism.
Ciaran Bennett, 2007
Mimicry and mimetics, as in mirror neurons, are essential aspects of these paintings. The relationship of time and space as a quintessential momentum of realist representation (the visual sources of which often originate in collage) and the abstract expressionist marks, are semiotic constructs of Mary Theresa Keown‘s practice as a painter.
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